The Ultimate Voyage

This is a departure from my usual reporting on things related to the Pacific. But some stories are just too big for me to hold on to without my head coming apart.

So I’m going to let this one rip. Of all the tales I could relate this is the biggest story there is. I am in no way exaggerating. Let me know if you agree or not. I present here a ‘documentary’ which will take you far beyond any horizon you have ever imagined (unless you are an astrophysicist).

According to the comments accompanying the video it changed many people’s lives. It might make you think that life is not even worth living but I have read hundreds of the 300,000 comments from the 70 million views and the overwhelming sentiment is that it is life affirming. Comments include “This is the most beautiful and terrifying video I have ever seen.” Or: “Now I get life…I’m going to go out and buy a huge box of king crab legs!”

In the words of the famous philosopher Tommy Chong, “Far out, man.”

70 million views isn’t much in one sense if you realize that Baby Shark has almost 10 billion views but Baby Shark won’t make you question your existence (unless you are the mother a 2-year old with it rolling on eternal repeat).

What I really want to know is why none of those 70 million sent this to me. I found it between a clip from Pawn Stars and an old Jim Carrey interview. I opened it up and was so mowed down by the intensity that days later my brain was still ringing. LSD not for you? Then maybe don’t look at this. But if you watch it I suggest a big screen and headphones. Especially make note of the rolling timestamp at the bottom and keep in mind that the speed is doubled every five seconds.

Some comments are pretty funny. Like, “Boy they must have paid the cameraman a lot” to well, “God must be surprised as hell.” In the comments many folks have timestamped their favorite sections and many parts are of such soaring transcendence that it’s hard to pick a favorite.

You might view the end of the Universe with the end of Time as a bad thing or a good thing. One thing for sure is that it isn’t a sure thing because this departs from hard science into the astrophilosophy of the future.

Here is one thought that it is very hard to wrap what’s left of my smoking rubble of a head around. According to this documentary the Universe is about 14 billion years old and as you will see if you have the fortitude to get to the end of this 30-minute video what’s out ahead is many, many trillions of years further along.

So sit back, strap in, kiss your pets and kids goodbye; it’s going to be a very bumpy ride to the End of Time. At the conclusion the narrator says: “(In the end) nothing happens and it keeps on not happening, forever.” The Universe and possibly space itself are gone.

The artist is John D. Boswell and this link explains how the documentary came to be. He has many other compelling videos on his website. Some of these get a measly 10 million or so views but I’ve seen several and they are of unparalleled beauty and scope. I especially recommend the one called Life Beyond II. It is museum of possible other life forms. The graphics are far beyond anything I have seen anywhere else. It looks more like a dream than a video.

Many well known astrophysicists give voice to these videos but there are no talking heads. Just a ride through the cosmos. As I’ve said, most viewers are astonished and gratified but several have left comments that this has made them feel unwell so let me emphasize that this is serious stuff. It ain’t no Jim Carrey skit.

If you watch this and have a reaction let me know in my comment section and you will help me steer pacificvoyages into uncharted waters because from now on we will be traveling to places where there are no maps.

My favorite video of all time has only about 10 million views: and it remains to me the most powerful statement of what’s up with us. If you think you just swallowed poison with the Time Travel Video, then this is the antidote.

A poem for you:

Song of All Ages

by Walter de la Mare

(from Michael Furniss)

At the edge of All the Ages

A Knight sate on his steed,

His armour red and thin with rust,

His soul from sorrow freed;

And he lifted up his visor

From a face of skin and bone,

And his horse turned head and whinnied

As the twain stood there alone.

No bird above that steep of time

Sang of a livelong quest;

No wind breathed,


‘Lone for an end!’ cried Knight to steed,

Loosed an eager rein–

Charged with his challenge into Space:

And quiet did quiet remain.

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  • James says:

    Wow….Since you are a good barometer for interesting “stuff”, which this is, I’m happy to tune into whatever you bring my way. And yes, since you will eventually take your viewers beyond the scope of “Pacific Voyages” we inevitably will end up traveling to (other) places we will never (likely) go.

  • Tyler MacNiven says:

    YEAAAH BEBE! I am going to schedule this viewing as if it is a holy pilgrimage. Thanks for surfacing this. Imagine it is fraught with spoilers:) Saving this for the mega screen.

  • Bill Goss says:

    Captain Jamis,
    Fantastically insightful 30 minute video.
    If I step outside my home tonight and see a Black Dwarf, I am going back inside and locking the door behind me.

  • jamis says:

    Make sure to send me your website link.

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